Custom Engineering

At MD Solutions our team of highly experienced engineers and developers allows us to say ‘Yes’ to all your custom engineering needs.  We work with your firm to understand your needs and apply our deep knowledge of the financial industry and your technology platform.  Next we efficiently develop your request and then work with you to deploy and rigorously test your custom solution to make sure it meets your specifications.


Featured Services

  • Axys/APX Relang Reports
  • Custom Axys/APX Billing Reports
  • Custom Axys/APX Invoice
  • Custom Axys/APX Management Fees Upload
  • Custom Axys/APX Operational Control Reports
  • Custom APX SSRS Reports
  • Custom SSRS Revenue Center® Reports
  • Custom Quarterly Report Packages
  • Custom APX Dashboards
  • Report Training
  • SSRS
  • Replang
  • Custom Moxy Reports
  • SSRS (Moxy V. 16.2 or higher)
  • Crystal
  • Custom Moxy Uploads
  • Other Custom Moxy Features
  • Commission Schedules
  • Restrictions
  • Import/Export Pre and Post Stored Procedures
  • FIX messages
  • ETL Tools (Extract, Transform and Load)
  • Custom Axys/APX interfaces
  • Utilities
  • Custom Axys/APX data scrubber
  • Workflow Improvement and Automation
  • Axys/APX automation
  • 3rd party application integration
  • Custom Software Solutions

Coming up with a report from scratch can be a daunting challenge, however, a great place to start is reviewing our custom reports catalog.  Using an existing report as template you can put you own touch on it and brand it your own.

Many folks are new to the custom engineering process, so in our Custom Reports Catalog we spell out the process for you, so you know what to expect.  Download the catalog and contact us to get started.

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Axys®/APX® Replang Reports


Custom Replang reports are still a highly efficient way to mine data on your Axys or APX platform.  Custom Axys/APX Replang can be utilized when non-client facing reports are needed.


Custom Axys/APX Billing Reports


If you can’t afford Revenue Center® but still need a highly flexible billing package we can help.  Our team has written every kind of billing report that addresses even the most complex business requirements.

  • Family Billing
  • Exclusion of particular asset types or securities from market value
  • Tax consideration


Custom Axys/APX Management Fees Upload


MD Solutions can get you the final step of the way in the revenue payment cycle by communicating management fees to your custodian.  With a custom Axys/APX management fees upload you can reduce time for payment and risk associated with manual entry.


Custom Axys/APX Operational Control Reports


Utilizing our decades of experience in investment operations and our own co-outsourcing business we can help you develop operational control reporting to identify errors before they become problems.


Custom SSRS Revenue Center® Reports

You may have been told that custom SSRS Revenue Center reports are not possible, however that is not true.  MD Solutions can help you customize your Revenue Center SSRS reports.


Custom Quarterly Report Packages

MD Solutions can help you review your current package and tweak existing reports or design a new package from scratch.  Whatever your needs we can help guide you through the process of producing a quarterly package using Axys or APX that is sure to impress.



Custom APX Dashboards

Dashboards allow for a succinct viewing of pertinent portfolio data in one area without having to run a report.  Client service representatives have found our dashboards invaluable when speaking with clients on the phone.   MD Solutions can create custom APX dashboards to fit your needs.

SSRS Dashboad Example


Report Training


MD Solutions’ certified trainers can guide you through the process of learning how to create your own Axys/APX custom reports.  We can train you on either APX SSRS or replang for either Axys or APX.



Moxy® Custom Engineering Services


Whatever your customization need is around Moxy we are your resource.

Moxy Reports – Crystal and SSRS (Moxy ver.16.2+)

Commission Schedules


FIX messages

Custom Uploads

Custom import/export stored procedures



ETL Tools (Extract, Transform and Load)


To fully leverage Axys or APX it will inevitably require firms to integrate with custodians or third party applications.  We have engineered integration points with the following.


Custodians – When you need custodial data that isn’t covered by your vendor we can make it easy to populate your financial accounting system.




 MS Outlook®

Telemet Orion®


 Investor Force®


Beyond simply integrating with third parties we can transform or ‘normalize’ data coming into your system.  We can use your business rules to make sure the data is just how you want it to alleviate reconciliation bottlenecks or match custodial methodologies.



MD Solutions has developed a data scrubbing utility that works with Axys or APX.  Our data scrubber utilizes our decades of experience in investment operations and our own co-outsourcing business to pre-populate rules for the most common reconciliation issues with Advent Custodial Data® (ACD).  You can also write your own rules to transform your custodial data into the proper form that allows for a smooth reconciliation process.

Workflow Improvement and Automation


Working closely with our consulting practice we can help you identify and automate your investment management operations.  MD Solutions has automated every kind of process on the Axys/APX platform from custom quarterly report packages to integration points with Evestment and Investor Force.

Custom Software Solutions


MD Solutions consistently delivers software solutions that bridge functionality gaps in core applications.  We bring to bear on your solution our decades of industry and technological expertise, which allows us to minimize requirement gathering and compress development to a minimum.  Therefore, lowering your cost of ownership, while increasing your ROI with your core applications.