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A new approach to financial information visualization that lets you create dashboards and reports that your team and clients will understand


    BRITech Portal

    An intuitive, highly-customizable dashboard tool that your team will embrace, and your clients will enjoy.

    Tired of cryptic dashboards that confuse your clients and overwhelm your reports with information overload? BRITech Portal is a unique approach to presenting financial information to you and your clients, a customizable online utility that can consolidate information from numerous sources into a single, point-and-click display that conveys the data the way you–and your clients–want to see it.

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    Ready to use out of the box • Accessible anywhere 24×7 • Mobile-Friendly

    Unlimited users • Unlimited reports • Unlimited document storage

    Client-Friendly • SaaS web-enabled • Role-based dashboards

    No scripting required • Over 100 pre-built display widgets

    See All Data Sources

    Share with Ease

    Empower Your Team

    Engage Your Clients

    The problem with most fintech solutions is not in their capabilities around portfolio management or analysis, but in the accurate, up-to-date, clear, and consistent presentation of portfolio positions, progress, and transactional detail. Too many advisors are using multiple tools to manage trades, rebalancing, positions, forecasting–each with its own reporting infrastructure. This is both challenging to maintain and confusing and frustrating to investor clients. The BRITech Portal has let us solve this problem for our clients, creating a single experience for users to view and understand their financial data.

    Steve Mars, Co-Founder, MD Solutions

    BRITech Portal positively impacts your business across the board.

    Reduce Costs

    Improve Performance

    Increase Satisfaction

    Add Flexibility

    Stop struggling with confusing dashboards and multiple reporting solutions. Contact us today to hear how BRITech Portal can begin transforming your team’s and clients’ experience.