Schwab’s Recent Data Format Evolution Highlights a Vulnerability in Data Flow

The More That Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

Kudos to Schwab for continually evolving their Schwab Data Delivery (SDD) files (Daily Data Files) with an eye toward delivering more robust and comprehensive data downstream to their investment community clients.

However, with every change to data file formats comes potential impact to the seamless flow of data from custodian to accounting platform.

For any Advent users who have developed home grown data processing routines to parse the data files into the Advent’s blotter, these recent data file changes – to the SEC Info and Price File Format files in particular – may have suddenly resulted in a broken data stream. For those companies, they face a quick decision to try to fix and adjust, which can be time consuming and potentially costly.

Of course, there are market options to respond to this type of change including Advent ACD or APD.

But one tool on the market has been purposely designed to be custodian / data-protocol agnostic, to be both highly flexible and adaptable to quickly respond to and absorb changes to any custodial data feed or format, and to keep good data flowing to Advent with minimal disruption.

An Agnostic Approach to Offer Maximum Flexibility to Change

Smart Feeder, from Florida-based MD Solutions, who has been using the tool to help financial firms overcome this issue for decades.

With customizable mapping logic, Smart Feeder is an agnostic custodian tool designed to ingest custodian flat files (tab, comma-delimited) and translate the data into blotter format before ingesting into Advent. Combined with the Smart Blotter tool – to normalize blotter data before uploading – this system translates to seamless clean data flow from a wide variety of custodians into a standard Advent-friendly blotter format.

The Smart Feeder solution enables firms to stay protected against data format changes and offers a future-proof approach that leverages an adaptable technology built for a continually changing landscape.

The MD Solutions expert user community has contributed to building and maintaining the library of mappings which can be shared with updated mappings whenever changes occur, resulting in rapid response to market changes, in a cost effective, fast, seamless manner.

Fast, Flexible, and Future Proof.

Using Smart Feeder, the MDS team can step in and quickly reconnect changed data links between custodians and Advent to have you up and running again in 5-7 business days, often less.

With Schwab planning additional changes for 2023, it’s clear that continual evolution – and data modifications – are likely to be the norm. A flexible, adaptable approach – like the one designed and offered through the MDS Smart Feeder solution – is a logical choice to minimize data disruption for companies and ensure steady accurate data flow for their clients.


For more information about Smart Feeder from MD Solutions, please visit this link or contact an MD Solutions representative.