Why Do Companies Choose Us?

Our team, technology, experience, and commitment to customer success are among many of the reasons why companies choose to work with us.

We Are Problem Solvers.

We take the time and effort needed to fully explore the issues you are facing, the technologies and data involved, the people, the workflows, and the reporting required. We then explore possible solutions and weigh each against factors that help determine the best fit for your unique situation.

We Deliver Cost Effective Services and Solutions.

Our aim is not to deliver bloated projects with over-engineered software or technology solutions that eat budget and fall short of requirements. Using our proprietary tools and years of experience, we are able to optimize solutions through customization and automation to help address needs while preserving budget goals.

We Have Deep Experience.

Going on 20 years in business, MD Solutions was co-founded on January 16th, 2004 by 3 partners who had been working in the industry for close to a decade before deciding to go out on their own. Our company offers over 25 years of industry experience and each senior team member has at least 14 years of industry experience with our average MDS employee lifetime of 8 years. Since opening, we have serviced over 1000 clients and grown into a workplace of over 30 employees who all have an extensive background in performing the specific work and tasks required for their role. These factors combine to make an incredibly responsive team to help achieve your goals.

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When our settlements staff member resigned without notice, MD Solutions agreed to pick up the responsibility the very next day. Their team members had the experience to perform the work. After six months, we decided to keep MD instead of filling the position.

Our Commitment To Customer Success Is Evident.

As a boutique and vendor-agnostic firm focused on customer service, building client relationships, affordable pricing, streamlining processes, customized solutions, automating daily workflows and tasks, and providing services and solutions that are tailored to your companies specific needs, these all play a big factor on why our customers stay with us. In fact, the average customer lifetime with MDS is 9 years. We dedicate one of our senior team members to managing each of our clients accounts along with two dedicated backup team members. We currently serve over 125 organizations that represent a combined $450+ Billion in AUM.

We "Future-Proof" Our Clients.

The custom engineering solutions that we deliver continue to have a high demand and are still being used for over a decade later error-free after initial deployment, providing what we like to call a “future-proof” platform upon which to drive their business forward with confidence.

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We Know How All Different Types Of Companies In The Investment Management Industry Work.

We work with various types of companies such as: wealth managers, RIAs, asset managers, family offices, private banks, broker-dealers, institutional managers, fund managers, breakaways, private equity, startups, financial advisors, alternative managers, financial planners, trusts, accountants, and more. We understand how these industries operate, their workflows & processes, and technology. This enables us to hit the ground running with extra experienced bandwidth and provide efficient middle- and back-office services and solutions.

We Know The Tech Landscape.

As we have worked with a number of solutions over the last 25+ years and have a very good understanding of the functionalities each solution has to offer, this is why clients turn to us for help with their daily operations, data, reporting, performance, cloud hosting, custom solutions & reports, conversions, migrations, automation, IT, upgrades, training, integrations, implementations, technology, etc. instead of the vendor.

Our Internal Toolsets Let Us Help Our Customers Automate, Track, Audit, Validate, Monitor, and More.

Our proprietary toolsets and reports are vast and reliable. We arm our team with a wide array of toolsets to help automate, streamline, validate, audit, check, compare, match, track, filter, format, cleanse, assess issues such as outliers, exceptions, and breaks, extract data, format files, implement solutions, monitor performance, and more.

Looking to automate and optimize your technology, workflows, processes, and bandwidth? Contact us today to discuss your needs!