Your Co-Sourcing Partner

To drive success, investment managers need to spend their time on clients, not investment operations.

Our approach is to tailor our experience to your needs. A typical outsourcer offers a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investment management operations. However, we know every manager has a different set of challenges and needs; what suits an Asset Manager might be irrelevant to a Family Office. MD Solutions will work with you to select the services you need or to keep in house, so you maximize efficiencies and growth.

Asset Manager

Portfolio Management is your core business activity. Your success depends on it. You need a partner that can deliver an exceptional level of service so you can trade with confidence. MD Solutions’ fully outsourced operations provides all the necessary infrastructure without an increase of in-house technology and operations support.

Wealth Management

In Wealth Management, building and maintaining client relationships is paramount. To drive success, investment managers need to spend their time on clients, not investment operations.

MD Solutions’ answer for Wealth Management is designed to enhance the client experience. By shouldering the weight of operations outside your core competencies, MDS allows you to reallocate vital resources to client service. You’ll be able to keep clients close with ease.

Family Office

The Family Office represents a culmination of a life’s work and success. It’s also been said that once you have been to one family office, you have been to ONE family office. This complexity can be a challenge when trying to manage and aggregate vast complicated assets.

MD Solutions understands the complexity associated with a family office and has the expertise to support and augment this uniqueness. We allow the family office to focus on what is important to them and alleviate the mystery around trade processing and portfolio accounting.


Rest assured as your business evolves into different distribution channels, such as global portfolios, SMA/UMA, or pooled investment vehicles MD Solutions is there to manage…

Either through organic growth or acquisition some managers find themselves in multiple distribution channels, for example, international portfolios, separately managed accounts (SMA) platforms as well as traditional retail. The complexity of managing the business across multiple channels increased with each growth area or acquisition until the rate of cost growth threatened to exceed the rate of asset growth.

While the reconciliation process is relatively the same across channels, MD Solutions is an expert at understanding key differences in the types of assets and magnitude of items to be reconciled.

  • Asset Manager
    Reconcile a large number of accounts, often across many custodians.
  • Wealth Management
    Reconcile breaks in complex holdings for which custodian information or calculation methods may differ.
  • Global Manager
    Reconcile in multiple currencies and exchanges.

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