Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing Services

We provide highly-experienced staff members to help wealth managers, RIAs, asset managers, family offices, and private banks add extra bandwidth.

Middle- and Back-Office Operations

Add Expertise. Reduce Risk. Cut Costs. Avoid Operating and Staffing Challenges.

To drive success, investment managers need to spend their time focused on their core business and with clients, not operational tasks. When facing disruptions or preparing for seasonal or end-of-year crunch time, you need expertise and you need it fast. Our co-sourcing and outsourced solutions help firms address both the planned–and unplanned–challenges that every business encounters:

Who We Serve

Asset Managers

Institutional Managers

Financial Advisors


Family Offices


Wealth Managers

Private Banks

Fund Managers

Customized Services. Improved Efficiency.

Our approach is to tailor our experience to your unique needs. A typical outsourcing firm offers a “one-size-fits-all” approach to investment management operations. However, we know that every manager and advisor has a different set of challenges and needs; what suits an Asset Manager might be irrelevant to a Family Office.

That’s why we work closely with you to select the specific services and solutions you need to maximize efficiencies and growth.

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The Talent and Expertise You Need.

Let us help manage your portfolio accounting, reporting, statements, reconciliation & processing, data, cost basis, composite maintenance, trade settlements, performance, billing, fees, corporate actions, funds, alternatives, private equity, risk, accounts, custom solutions & reports, cloud, technology, automation, compliance, applications, IT, & hosting.

Cost Basis Reconciliation & Reporting
Tax lots, dividend reclassifications, wash sales, step-ups, maintenance, corporate actions, transfers, realized gains & losses, multiple methods, tax-loss harvesting, adjustments, calculations, IBOR, tax-aware trading, updates, initialization, baselining, custodian sync, & tax lot accounting.

Market Value Reconciliation
Review and address pricing differences between your various sources.

DTCC Trade Settlement Services
Reconcile trade confirmations and affirmations & monitor, track, and communicate any discrepancies with the appropriate parties. Includes post-trade processing, trade matching, and settlement verification.

Performance Services

Performance Updates & Validation
Update performance by portfolios, accounts, asset classes, securities, sectors, groups, composites, or as defined by your firm’s standard operating procedures.

Performance Calculations & Reviews
Calculate & validate performance returns, audit data accuracy for outlying items, review reports, and test, research, & troubleshoot all identified performance outliers and communicate fixes.

Composite Maintenance
Composite updates, corrections, validation, maintaining memberships and proper construction, or as defined by your firm’s policies and standard operating procedures. 

Assist and help prepare for GIPS verifications, audits, compliance standards, proper documentation, and performance protocols based on your firm’s GIPS policies and procedures.

Daily Reconciliation & Processing

Accounting, Performance, Reporting, & Billing Services

Account & Data Services

Reporting Services

Client Reporting & Packager
Streamlining and automating the client package creation process.

Client Reporting Packages workflows including content & client group creation and maintenance.

Quarter-End & Month-End Reporting
Period-End Report Generation, Packaging, Scheduling, & Distribution.

Billing, Invoicing, & Revenue Management

Fee Billing & Invoicing Services
Prorated billing, advisory fees, invoice generation & payments management, discounts, family billing, tiered billing, asset exclusions, management fees, cash flow adjustments, performance fees, forecasting, reconcile payments/fees, upload fee files to custodians, revenue sharing, payouts, or as defined by your firm’s standard operating procedures.

Management Fee Services
Confirm that all portfolio management fees have been charged including the calculation and posting of fees.

Consulting Services

Custom Development & Software Engineering

Technology Services

Looking for an experienced team to help manage your middle- and back-office operations? Contact us today to learn more about our investment operations and outsourcing services!