Cloud Migration & Optimization Services

On-Premise Performance with In-Cloud Convenience

Our cloud migration services can efficiently move your business into the cloud in a few short weeks. Our step-by-step proven process ensures speed and accuracy while minimizing disruption. We also utilize the entire tech stack from Azure to support an “open cloud” approach wherein we can customize the solution to meet your specific needs. Once online, we bring years of application experience in APX, Axys, and Moxy to optimize your applications for on-premise performance with in-the-cloud convenience.

Our cloud services and deep industry expertise
have made us the preferred partner for discriminating businesses like yours.

On-Premise Integration

We integrate your on-premise network with your cloud environment in a way that lets you seamlessly access your applications just as before, including with your existing Active Directory infrastructure.


With our cloud support, your business can grow as much as it needs to without the burden of having to buy another server or find room in the server rack. We handle your growth without worry.


Our industry experience in cloud computing and financial applications lets us deliver an amazing cloud experience that’s optimized for your business. We work around the clock to ensure that your critical apps are accessible at all times.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

99.9% Virtual Machine uptime in our data center means your mission critical apps will be ready at any time. Geo-redundant back-ups for each of your machines ensures minimal disruption to support your business.


In today’s world, security is not an option. We provide both firewall protection and a security agent to monitory each machine you host with us, keeping us informed about the state and security 24×7.


When creating your Cloud environment, we use frameworks like NIST CSF and FINRA to help secure your data. The data centers that keep our Cloud operational are SOC 1, 2, and 3 certified.

The Expertise You Need.

Achieve the convenience, performance, availability, and security that the cloud delivers.

24×7 Cloud Monitoring

Our advanced cloud monitoring solution allows us to provide complete visibility into the status and performance of applications, network devices and servers in the cloud or on-premises.

Minimize Your Downtime

A financial advisory recently described the challenges they faced with an 11-hour on-premise outage where their server was down the entire time. With our cloud solution, they no longer have to worry. That same event would have lasted less than 3 minutes.

Case Study

Cloud Migration for Portfolio Exchange Applications
Improve performance, availability, and security while maintaining a good user experience


A financial advisory firm wanted to migrate to the cloud and improve their on-premise reliability while keeping their Active Directory integration and retaining, or improving, the speed of reporting and daily processing. 

They also wanted a way to restore their environment in-case of catastrophic failure. 

They interviewed a long list of possible solution providers but were discouraged when most of them failed to show that they would be able to deliver the custom solution required, involving the security, compliance, and fine-tuning they wanted. 

But after a careful evaluation process, they selected MD Solutions for its deep industry experience and full flexibility to adapt technologies to suit specific customer needs.


Our original assessment showed opportunity for improvement in Disaster Recovery, High Availability, System Performance, and Security. 

Using this as a guide, we built them an environment similar to the diagram below to help mitigate these pain points and issues. 

After their cloud migration was complete, they were able to see a 4:1 improvement in the speed of running reports. This was also supported by a trust between their domain and our cloud environment to enable them to keep using their on-premise credentials, eliminating the need for users to remember multiple passwords. 

Once implemented, we ran a second assessment and showed improved scores across all four key areas. 

Today, the customer continues to enjoy a fast, stable, reliable, optimized network solution with our team continuously monitoring for uninterrupted business operation.

The right cloud strategy
delivers peace-of-mind to your business.

Cloud Computing is one of the most influential shifts in technology industry in recent years. Companies are shifting their resources, applications, and data to the cloud to offload the burden of maintaining safe, secure, high availability systems for their day-to-day operations.

By partnering with an experienced Cloud services company, you remove the headaches of adding and replacing hardware, managing data backups, and scaling resources to support your company’s growth.

The right cloud partner
offers the best blend of convenience and control.

While this model allows you to delegate much of the day-to-day oversight, you still maintain control over the hosted environment and benefit from seamless integration with your existing network for a user-friendly experience.

With over 15 years of successful Cloud projects, we are the right choice to host your environment and to optimize it for improved performance for APX, Axys, Moxy, SQL, and many other programs and databases. Check out below to see what our cloud services can offer you.

Ready to start your journey? Let us conduct a free cloud readiness assessment and show you how we can help you reach your goals!