Launch of SmartBlotter! ®

MD Solutions is proud to announce the launch of their latest application, SmartBlotter! ®. SmartBlotter! is a user-friendly application that simplifies custodial data transformation utilizing user defined rules. Conceived on the frontlines of our Co-Sourcing business to resolve poor custodial data quality issues which impede efficient reconciliation, SmartBlotter! provides operations and trade support teams the ability to be market open ready.

“Our reconciliation team could not meet strict trade readiness deadlines and satisfy our most exacting clients without the efficiency that SmartBlotter! provides,” said Jacqueline Gazdik, Investment Operations Manager for MD Solutions’ Co-Sourcing Division. To that point, they have included with SmartBlotter! all the rules used on a daily basis to meet deadlines. In the future, public rules will be provided to subscribers at no additional charge.

Per Sean Dean, Principal – Custom Engineering, “The opportunity to utilize in-house operations team members as subject matter experts working alongside the custom engineering architect and developers proved to be an immeasurably valuable combination of resources.” The process of moving from inception to general release was so efficient that they are simultaneously releasing SmartBotter! for both Advent Software Inc.’s Axys® and APX® portfolio accounting platforms.

To understand how SmartBlotter can help your firm and schedule a demo, please contact MD Solutions at (239) 337-9288.