Cybersecurity Health Check

A complimentary 360-review of your tech landscape, people, processes, and organizational readiness for potential attacks

    Our Due Diligence Health Check covers a wide array of details across four key domains within your organization:


    Focus on the technical controls applied across your entire organization. 


    One of the largest and often most vulnerable aspects of any business.


    From a technical point-of-view, how well are best practices being employed?


    Overall, how are all domains integrated and supporting compliance for your company?

    How does it work?

    Gather Information

    We begin the process with a 30-60 minute conversational assessment with you and your team to explore your current status and potential vulnerabilities. Conversations will dive into technical details so it is best to have a blend of management and technical team members participating.

    Assess & Summarize

    Next, our technical team will review your details, compare performance against benchmarks, and build your detailed assessment. In this phase, which lasts one week, we’ll carefully review each data point and construct your summary report.

    Review the Results

    Finally, we will meet again to discuss your results in detail, review each of the four domain assessments, your current status, actionable steps for remediation, and answer any questions your team might have.

    What can you expect for participating?

    Our due diligence process is a collaborative assessment that begins with a discussion spanning several key areas within your organization. This is followed by an internal evaluation and assessment by our IT security team which concludes with the creation of a detailed report which we share with you in a second review discussion. This report details what we found, the good points, the opportunities and vulnerabilities to address, and detail about industry best practices.

    This report is free for you to share with your team, to use to take action in remediating any issues, and to revisit as you continue to strengthen and protect your business from all forms of cybersecurity threats.

    For businesses seeking additional help, we offer remediation action plans where our team can help step in and correct issues, enhance infrastructure, and share best practices to quickly get your business on the right track.

    Are you concerned about keeping your business, and your customers, safe and compliant?
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