To All Oranj Users

The sudden news of Oranj shutting down has shocked us all. We wish their team all the best in the future as they make this difficult transition.

We are here to help!

Our BRITech Investment Management Platform is ready to quickly slot into place and help keep your business running smoothly. Please see details below, and contact us to learn about our easy Oranj Migration Program.



    BRITech Investment Management Platform

    The SaaS investment management platform that drives your success and delivers client satisfaction.

    BRITech is an end-to-end investment management solution

    that blends efficiency, simplicity and flexibility into an online suite that fully supports the needs of both front and back office operations. As a complete solution with open-ended configurability, BRITech is likely to be the last platform you’ll ever need.

    A lot of manual processes have been automated after adopting BRITech, freeing up valuable time. The BRITech system is easy and intuitive to use; and rich on relevant functionalities.

    BRITech Investment Management Platform

    Ready to transform your organization to a lean, efficient, smart operation? Contact us today for a closer look at this amazing platform.

    Using BRITech’s technology, we were able to double the customer base without increasing head count.

    Global Customers
    Daily Transactions
    $ Trillion AUM
    Global Offices
    Years of Growth

    Why do wealth advisors and family offices turn to BRITech?

    Because of our unique blend of leading edge technology and team experience. We are 100% committed to ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your investment management platform. We stand behind our customers and support them with unparalleled customer service that translates to high satisfaction.

    Leading Technology

    Unlike competing platforms which place online facades over aging back-end infrastructure, BRITech was “born digital” and was designed from day one to provide the modern online and branded mobile experience demanded by both you and your clients. Our solution is customer-driven, with ongoing input guiding our technology roadmap and the latest proven technologies and evolving wealth management needs continuously incorporated into the design. From Rebalancing to Trade Order Management, Business Intelligence to CRM, Document Management, Billing, Risk Assessment, and much more, BRITech is a complete wealth management suite.

    A True Partner

    What makes BRITech unique is our unwavering commitment to customer success. Our highly-responsive and deeply-experienced customer service team works closely with you to ensure that you get all the functionality, integration, visibility, reporting, and communication you need to grow your businesses and strengthen your relationships with your clients. Like a good partner, we are always there for you, responsive to your needs and ready to deliver the exact wealth management experience you need to be successful.

    Everything in One Place

    Our solution is built as a suite of seamlessly integrated modules which ensures that you have everything you need in one place and nothing gets lost in translation. From custodian data and trades, to dashboards and customer reports, you get consistent flow of financial information and clear, accessible reporting that matches your online dashboards. There is no longer any need for side reports, offline spreadsheets, or parallel applications to accomplish your goals or support your clients’ needs.

    Meet Your Exact Needs

    BRITech’s streamlined displays are designed to emphasize only the information needed to analyze the current financial picture and enable strategic decision-making. While full detail is always available, this streamlined view of financial information is a welcome difference that avoids information overload. Choose from a large library of highly-configurable display widgets to create the exact dashboards and reports you and your clients desire.

    Ready to enhance your firm’s customer experience? Contact us today for a closer look at this amazing platform.