Advent Axys / APX Consulting

Optimize Advent Axys and APX using MD Solutions exceptional consulting services exclusive to these platforms.

Advent Axys:

Launched in 1992, Axys was the first Windows-based portfolio accounting and reporting solution and is the most widely used portfolio management system in the financial sector.

Advent APX:

Introduced in 2005, APX integrated portfolio management with a CRM system. It is the integrated portfolio and client management solution that puts everyone in your firm – from executives to portfolio managers to operations – on the same platform.
Both of these systems provide:

  • Portfolio management
  • Performance measurement
  • Portfolio accounting
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting

APX adds the client management module.

Optimize Advent Axys and APX

As Advent software specialists, MD Consulting offers a holistic range of consulting services to fit any need and budget. Let us help you maximize these two dynamic platforms.

We consult on Axys / APX to:

  • Upgrade the Platforms
  • Automate Manual Systems
  • Implement Products / Services
  • Train Stakeholders

Within this consulting framework, MD solutions tailors 13 Axys / APX areas to your firm:


  • Portfolio Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Performance Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Trading Compliance
  • Client Management



  • Research Management
  • Investor Accounting
  • Reconciliation
  • Revenue Management
  • Margin and Finance Management
  • Data Usage






MD Solutions

  • Take control in fast moving markets
  • Maintain and secure precise data
  • Manage clients
  • Produce accurate invoices and insightful reports
  • Track and allocate income and fund P&Ls

MD Solutions provides superior Advent Solutions investment management operations support and professional services consulting for the financial sector.